Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine

sugar bagsWhat would you think if I told you that sugar can be just as addictive as cocaine?

Sounds crazy, but it might just be be true.

Recent studies have shown that sugar impacts the same areas of the brain as cocaine, and you can build up a tolerance to sugar, requiring you to consume more to get the same effect.

When you consume more sugar than your body needs for energy, your liver begins to convert the extra sugar into fat, which can lead to or exacerbate a host of long-term chronic conditions and diseases  including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  With the creation of high fructose corn syrup, the over-consumption of sugar (fructose) has skyrocketed.

The attached article cites Dr. Robert Lustig, a leading researcher and physician, who has done extensive research on the effects of too much sugar.  Dr. Lustig has said that 75% of diseases Americans face are preventable simply by improving our diets.

A great place to start is by paying attention to the amount of sugar you consume daily.  There are detox plans and elimination diets that are available to help you transform the way you eat, giving your body more energy and improving your body composition for optimal health.

Stop in or give us a call and we can help create a plan that’s right for you.

Enjoy the article.

Sugar as Addictive as Cocaine.

Be well.


Michael Lenz RPh, is a partner in Fallon Wellness Pharmacy of Saratoga.  He has over 15 years experience in custom compounding.  Michael has received extensive training in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Adrenal Fatigue.  He is an advocate for healthy eating and proper nutritional supplementation, and speaks frequently on the subjects of hormone health, nutrition and wellness.  Michael is currently enrolled in the Institute For Functional Medicine’s Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Program.  He lives in Saratoga Springs, NY with his wife and 4 children.


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